Rock Your Words offers customized tees and apparel for your group and company. We also offer custom tees for couples.  

Our custom services are offered to groups such as:

  • Churches
  • Conferences
  • Schools /Centers
  • Sports/Music/Cheer Teams
  • Girls Trips/ Outings
  • Brides/Bridesmaid/Wedding Party
  • Family Reunions / Weddings / Special Occasions / Holidays
  • Team Building/ Company Recognition Events

If you are interested in having Rock Your Words create a design for your custom needs, please email to provide information about your request. In your initial request, please provide your name and info about your request such as themes, wording, occasion, quantity, date needed, etc.

*Please note your email does not constitute an order nor does it begin the order process. Your email will be used for informational purposes only. Prices are discussed when full information is provided to Rock Your Words.

* Additionally, please note Rock Your Words reserves the right not to accept custom orders which do not align with our mission, vision and values. We will not accept requests for custom orders which contain foul language, hate speech/images, phrases and images that depict bullying or any other offensive words or phrases. 

Check out a few of our Custom Designs:


Rock Your Words (The Great Jakes Custom Tee)

Rock Your Words (Faith Tabernacle Custom T-Shirt)

Rock Your Words (That Girl Can Dance Custom T-Shirt)

Rock Your Words (Moving Forward Custom T-Shirt)

Rock Your Words (Always & Forever Couples Custom T-Shirts)


 Rock Your Words (Always & Forever Couples Custom T-Shirts)